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Main Tips For Perfect Eye Shadow Makeup

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One of the best necessities for making the eyes stunning is all the way through the right application of the eyes shadows. Eyes can just be made attractive with the eye shadows but if in case they are not finished with the right choice of the color shades then they can ruin up the whole image. In this post we will going to share some of the main tips that is all related with the perfect eye shadow application for the women. In the very beginning of the eye shadow makeup you should start with the application of foundation. Make...


Pratik Tiwari

                                                                       Did you know that winter can cause more damage to your strands than your skin? Just like you switch to a thicker body moisturizer, you need to update your hair care routine (and everyday practices) to maintain beautiful, healthy locks. From more frequent trims to a hair mask every week, looking after your mane should be an essential part of your beauty routine. Los Angeles-based celebrity LA colorist...

Importance of keeping your skin hydrated

Vishnu Shukla

Importance of keeping your skin hydrated : While you may aid your skin with countless over-the-counter creams and lotions, what if your skin isn't healthy from the inside? Skin hydration is the primary requirement for your skin and so,fragume sheds light on the significance of the same.- It is a well-known fact that 70 per cent of our body is composed of water that transports essential nutrients to the cells and whisks away toxins. Now you know the importance hydration has in your life!- Adequate hydration keeps skin flexible and allows its outer layer (epidermis) to remain intact. Think about it,...

The ultimate secret to happy skin

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The ultimate secret to happy skin : Your smile conveys several things; it not only reflects your state of your mind but also the state of your skin. Pay heed to Fragume tips to ensure you flaunt happy, glowing skin all day.Cleanse dailyKeeping your skin spotlessly clean is essential. However, with the rising stress and pollution levels, it can be quite an uphill task. Also with extensive cleansing, your skin is likely to lose moisture. Therefore, it is important not only to keep your skin clean but also retain its moisture.  Choose a cleanser wisely that not only wipe the impurities away...

Winter care regime for a glowing skin

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Winter care regime for a glowing skin: You know winter has truly begun when your face begins to tighten and dry up. For the next few months your skincare routine is going to involve applying ample moisturiser and lotion so that the skin on your face doesn't peel off. But, with a little effort you can get back your glowing summer skin even in winter! Here is the ultimate winter care regime that will give you a glowing complexion. Opt for a hydrating cleanser: When the temperature drops, the water content in your skin begins to evaporate and makes your face feel dry and uneven. The...