Shavers have come a long way since the first simple electric razors.  Choosing the perfect model involves comparing all the different styles and features that are available.  There are several key points to remember when browsing for shavers. 

One of the most important features of electric razors is being able to use them for wet applications.  This may mean that you will use them in the shower or with shaving conditioner.  Some shavers even have smoothly dispensing conditioner systems built right into them.  If you want to use electric razors in any of these ways, look for shavers that indicate wet use capability. 

Of course, the primary reason to get a shaver is to cut hair.  Therefore, it makes sense to be particular about the cutting system in your electric razor.  A shaver that lifts the hair before it cuts it is a good investment for the smoothness of your skin.  Look for shavers with some kind of configuration of heads that will track the curves of your skin.  This not only gives you a closer shave, but also cuts down on irritation.