Antonio Banderas Splash Blue Seduction For Men (100ml)

Antonio Banderas

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Antonio Banderas launches new summer fragrances for 2012; flankers of Blue Seduction for Men (2007), Blue Seduction for Women (2008) and Seduction In Black (2009) and gives them the „Splash“ prefix. These new fragrances are Splash Blue Seduction for Men, Splash Blue Seduction for Women and Splash Seduction In Black.

Splash Blue Seduction for Men is a fresh and energetic woody – aquatic scent. Top notes are grapefruit, lavender, mint and aquatic accords. The heart of pineapple, apple, cardamom and nutmeg is placed at the base of musk and woody notes.

The fragrances are available in bottles of 100 ml Eau de Toilette.