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The applique can be glued to the nail after the nail is dried, it is waterproof that do not worry the water will dilute the color. It will not be convenient to wash hand or do the washing.

Bright and Lasting 

The color of the nail applique is very pure and bright, it is durable and do not discolored.

Health and Cheap

Nail stickers are cheap, but ensure suitable for any type of skin, no harm to the body, can Rest assured to use.

Varieties of Pattern

The sticker design is varied and can be matched in any way, and each new combination will have a new creative effect.

Easy and Convenient

The process of pasting is less and easier to operate, easy to learn and easy to use.


Type: nail stickers

Material: stickers

Color: Colorful



1*Nail stickers


Expected Delivery Date is 10 to 28 days from the date of order.

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