Divine Organics 10 in 1 Face Wash (50ml)

Divine Organics

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Divine Organics 10 in 1 Face Wash (50ml)
Enriched With Cleansing Power Of Natural Turmeric Extract & Sandalwood Oil.One-Stop Solution For Various Common Skin Problems.
    Natural Ingredients Like Grapeseed Extract, Licorice Extract & Orange Extract Make This Face Wash Suitable For All Kinds Of Skin.
    100% Natural Origin Ingredients .
    Certified By ECOCERT (the very first certification body to develop standards for "natural and organic cosmetics")
    This Is A Paraben, Phthalate, Pesticide, Mineral Oil And Animal Ingredients Free Product.  Welcome to Divine Organics:- Nature is a treasure house of potential. Everything available in nature in some way or the other makes a significant contribution in keeping it beautiful. Harnessing on this potential, Divine Organics, a revolutionary organic beauty products brand in skin care, body care and hair care brings the purest essence of nature to enhance your beauty with India's first ever comprehensive range of ECOCERT certified organic products. Why Divine Organics:- The true origin of the concepts of 'organic' products is largely unknown. There are several Indian manuscripts that mention the major role of naturally occurring ingredients in enhancing beauty, apart from various other functions. Aside from cosmetics, organic products have also been traditionally used for therapeutic, medicinal and antiseptic purposes. Roses being used to provide fragrance were a common phenomenon and in fact the use of organic fragrances has been documented across the world, throughout the ages. 10 IN 1 FACE WASH:- Enriched with cleansing power of natural Turmeric extract & Sandalwood oil, this revolutionary 10-in-1 face wash is a one-stop solution for various common skin problems. Other natural ingredients like Grapeseed extract, Licorice extract & Orange extract make this face wash suitable for all kinds of skin

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