Ferrari Racing EDT For Men (100ml)


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Ferrari founded Scuderia Ferrari in 1929 as a sponsor of motorsport events and drivers and manufacturer of race cars. Initially Ferrari worked with Alfa Romeo and other and supplied them and other competitors with race cars. When in 1947 the production of street-legal vehicles began the company changed their name to Ferrari S.p.A.  In 1999 Ferrari made their first steps into a completely new direction by launching the brand's first perfume Ferrari Black. The oriental composition with sweet notes has been a commercial success since it had hit the shelves. While their cars are financially out of reach for most people the Bath Care And Fragrance gives the wearer the feeling of owning a piece of merchandise from a world-famous and exclusive luxury brand‰ While Ferrari cars are only available to the rich the Bath Care And Fragrances are reasonably priced and have gained a large fan-base.

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